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Empire Lighting Services a Division of PES (Public Electrical Service)


Company Profile

Spark Lighting & PES is the area’s greatest specialists in lighting. We are a maintenance company servicing pole lights, security lights, canopy lights, signs, neon, fluorescent lights, exit and emergency lights, and LED. Spark Lighting & PES has over 15 years of lighting experience handling many projects for residential and commercial buildings. We specialize in lighting for major retail stores across the states. ESpark Lighting & PES supplies lamps, ballast, fixtures, LED, lighting controls, poles and electrical to serve the lighting industry.

Spark Lighting & PES department is staffed with qualified service technicians with years of experience servicing pole lights, security wall packs, signs, neon, LED and troubleshooting electrical issues. We have a fleet of various sized bucket trucks and serviced vehicles stocked with lamps, ballast and electrical materials to ensure your job is completed quickly and accurately.

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